For more than 20 years I am working as a coach and facilitator with leaders & teams under the brandname GATT – challenging experiences. My specialities are leadershipskills and teamdevelopment.

Growing up in Tirol I discovered my inner adventurer, my love to nature and to mountains, which helped me to face and overcome my fears. Another valuable experience in the mountains was to explore and shift my limits both on a physical and on a mental level.

These memorable experiences led to my first professional column in 1990 – mountainguiding. Since that time I am leading teams to the top of the highest peaks of the world collecting important expertise in leading and working with teams (In May 2016 a book is going to be published about these experiences „Survival Handbuch Führung“ – sorry so far just in German). My studies of sports-science and sports-management delivered the scientifical background for that. In the very beginning my focus lay on the physical performance of my delegates. Quickly I realized that dealing with challenges and group-dynamics had a tremendous impact on success or failure in reaching goals. Throughout the years I concentrated on strategies how to build teams and relationships that provide optimal support to each other.

In 1992 I attended a seminar at University named “personal growth through experiential learning outdoors”. During these days I felt the power of this method for me and my future work. I collected everything about that learning-method that was in reach for me at that time, combined it with a 2,5 years Coaching-education and startet to use those in my work as a coach & facilitator. During that time I deepened my knowledge how to be able to support teams to deliver outstanding and sustainable performance, to make quantum leaps and to create win-win-situations for all persons involved. Since 2008 I am not only working directly for companies but also in the faculty of LIMAK – the Austrian Business School, educating leaders in MBA-classes with an academic approach.

Parallel to my work as a coach & facilitator I allow myself to test-drive my own competence as a leader in guiding teams of rope-access workers. With these freelancers I am building via ferratas and ropescourses or delivering alpine-seminars and expeditions.

The third column developed because of a crisis with my wife. Due to my adventurous life I was travelling a lot and avoided talking with her about the critical topics in our relationship. This led us to a couples workshop in 2002 where we encountered the “Imago”-method. Likewise at the seminar during my studies ten years before I was inspired by the method and its potential. I realized how important my wife & our relationship is to me and changed my priorities. Two years later we had finished the clinical track, six years later the presenter-training and started to work with couples together. Today I cannot judge the value of this first workshop high enough – a top investment in personal development and your relationship. More on our website

My fourth column as a speaker has its origin in my passion for photography. In my speeches I am using my awarded photographs and my personal borderline experiences on the highest and most difficult peaks of the earth to link them with the state-of-the-art theory of leadership.

I am a life-loving and enthusiastic adventurer, who likes to face challenges in different areas & level. My extreme experiences in combination with my expertise in work (more than 1.500 seminardays) help me to stay calm even in taxing situations, which allows me to support my delegates in their development.