A professional keynote attunes the audience with the core-message of the event. Its effect are both motivational and inspirational. Furthermore it should get under the listenerĀ“s skin and be filled with enthusiasm. These are my standards for my work as a keynote-speaker.

My speeches range from surpassing limits to appropriate handling of risk and courage. I am talking about my limiting fears, about making quantum leaps on the mountain / in the head and the mastering of challenges. Furthermore I am dealing with the question how can I maintain the motivation and enthusiasm in my teams as an expedition leader on the highest peaks of the earth, so they are capable to maximum performance without overburdening themselves and returning home safely.

I have started my work as a speaker after we managed to retrieve an injured person for the first time in history from 7.500m in a lying position at Cho Oyu – the sixth-highest peak of the world. After having made the first descent with a snowboard from Mount Everest my jobs increased sharply. (Article in the magazine LO – “Lernende Organisation” (0,8 MB)

Since 2002 I am giving talks at international events in German as well as in English. My expertise ranges from audiences between 12 and 1800 people. Costumers are f.i.: A1, Audi, BTV, Caritas, Flextronics, Generali, Oberbank, Reed, Wienerberger, YPO etc. to name a few.

Find some photographs to get a taste … “foretaste” (4,3 MB)