My hobby, that bundles about 10% of my professional energy is rope-access work or as I like to call it “skywork”. Strenuous labor with a lot of air below my feeth. It represents an ideal addition to the rest of my work, because …

  1. it´s an interesting area for me as a leader to check my abilities. In these projects I am leading teams of freelance specialists under extreme conditions (height, climate, time-pressure etc.) with inspiration & acknowledgement and without any hierarchy.
  2. physical work offers a nice equation to the rest of my activities.
  3. these projects are challenging on different levels and at the end a concrete, outstanding product gets visible for what we can be proud of e.g.

For all our work above the ground the following principles apply:

  • highest safety-standards, if possible with redundant systems
  • highest quality and optimal function of our products
  • quick, efficient and reasonably priced implementation
  • ecological harmlessness in construction and operation