“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time!” (Leo Dickinson). This quotation accompanies me my whole life and mirrors parts of my values.

My diapositive-archive contains more than 10.000 images from 15 years of photographic work. My digital archive grows consistently since 2003 – so far around 20.000 motives. The main theme of my images is nature in all its variety. Very rarely I am using artificial light. Due to my huge amount of expeditions and my fascination for mountains I have specialized on alpine areas, alpine sports and landscape and nature-shots.

For extraordinary shots I am committed to invest a lot of effort. More than once I have hauled 40-kilograms backpacks on to the top of mountains to get the perfect image. Please judge on your own, if the effort was worth …

Published work:
Calendar “Abenteuer Berg”: Every two years my father and me published a large-scale calendar from 1989 until 2015. More than once we could rise our edition higher than 10.000 pieces. However since 2015 I am printing the calendar without him as he just wants to contribute stunning photographs.
If you want to see the old calendars:   “2019”,  “2017”,  “2015”,  “2013”,  “2011”,  “2009”,  “1989 bis 2005”
Illustrated book “Crazy Climbs”“Information to the book” (3,1 MB)

Motives and prices on demand.


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