Since 1992 I have been working with teams and executives with the issues of leadership and team – my main professional column. My customers come from a variety of fields. We are recognized for our profound knowledge of development processes, our empathy paired with flexibility and our professionalism. When I say we, I mean a team of best-trained coaches, trainers and guides, that are chosen carefully to each costumer and contract.

What we offer:

GATT – challenging experiences and Stefan Gatt especially stand for professionalism, challenges, courage, reaching goals, process-based approach, sustainability, enthusiasm, inspiration and safety. More about safety: “sihei outdoors” (0,05 MB) and “zero accident” (0,025 MB)

Interesting article about  “The role of wilderness experiences in leaders’ development toward authentic leadership”

More about my style of work (so far just in German – sorry!): “Unsere Arbeitsweise in Seminaren & Gruppencoachings” (3,4 MB)

The basis of my work lies in my studies of sports science & management, my coaching- and organizational education, my continuous training courses and more than a thousand days work as a facilitator. For this work I have developed a reliable combination of experiential learning methods, comprehensible theory and proven steps to transfer your learnings into daily business

My focus on the newest research of Positive Psychology & neurobiology combined with my process-, experiential- and solution-based guidance have become my trademarks.

Blogpost from James Reed about the last “Alpine Leadership challenge” in January 2018:


Throughout the years innumerable articles have been published from my side. To keep it simple only the books are listed here (sorry – so far all in German, however Nr. 1 and Nr. 4  are going to be published in English soon!):

  1. Gatt (2016). Survival Handbuch Führung. Aus Extremsituationen für den Berufsalltag lernen. Hanserverlag – München.
  2. Gatt-Iro und S. Gatt (2015). Unverschämt glücklich. Wie ich und unsere Liebe in der Beziehung erblühen. Goldeggverlag – Wien.
  3. Gatt, S. Libicky, M. Stockert (2007). Sicher lernen outdoors. Zielverlag – Alling
  4. Gatt (2004). Crazy Climbs. Rosenheimerverlag – Rosenheim.
  5. Gatt (2004). Sicherheit bei Seminaren mit erlebnisorientierten Lernmethoden. (S.159-170) in N. Schad, W. Michl (Hrsg.) (2. Auflage 2004). Outdoor-Training – Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung zwischen Flipchart und Bergseil. Reinhardverlag – München.
  6. W. Siebert, S. Gatt (1998). Zero Accident. Qualitätsstandards für erlebnisorientierte Wirtschaftstrainings. Zielverlag – Alling.