CALENDAR “Abenteuer Berg 2019”

Since our first calendar in 1989 a lot of our customers are enthusiastic about our product. If you want to purchase this extraordinary present as well, there are two options:

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In the late 1980‘s, whilst presenting a slideshow of our photos, the idea was born of putting together a calendar. We didn’t actually expect the project to be a success but what started out as an experiment between my father and me in 1989 slowly developed into an important part in its niche of the calendar industry.

It is very important to us that our photos show the beautiful, diverse structures of nature you can only see when climbing mountains. Our pictures are meant to deal with the challenges and raw emotions we experience when us ´little people´ climb those ´high mountains´.

Of course taking those photos requires a lot of effort and patience to get just the right shots. At this point I’d like to thank all of our wonderful ‘climbing models’ for being so enduring, and most importantly, so patient with us. We wouldn’t have been able to capture our wonderful adventures without you! 

If you want to see the old calendars   “2019”,  “2017”,  “2015”,  “2013”,  “2011”,  “2009”,  “1989 bis 2005”

There will be a new calendar every two years to guarantee the quality of our pictures. The next collection of photos will therefore be out in 2021.

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