“Wilderness is not a luxury, but a necessity for the human spirit!” (Edward Abbey)

My love to nature especially to the mountains grew in Tirol where I lived as a child and a teenager. That is one of the reasons why I soon became an international approved mountainguide (UIAGM). In 1990 I had my first job as a mountainguide on a trip to Southamerica. A lot of other expeditions to the highest peaks of the world followed …

Our programme for the future:

Beside our individual guiding we offer a lot of programes for small teams for our customers from all over the world …

Climate-crisis made me found the movement   Staying authentic I am not able to use any aircraft flying with cerosin anymore. In order not to harm our planet I have to postpone my planned trip to Patagonia and Peru. As a substitute I shall do a similar program in Corsica by the end of April 2020 – send me an e-mail, if you are interested!

Some of our adventures in the mountains until now: